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1 year ago

Fanafuthi is denying to grow.

am not much of a blogger but I think I can manage with all the typung to do. Since I wrote some piece of stuff about myself about a month ago and I haven't had much going on in my life. The only busy thing in  my life now is my current relationship with Fanafuthi Makalela. We have our more downs and ups. Sometimes I feel like I can just stay away from him ad be alone(as in like being single). I really hate hurting his feelings for nothing. The honest truth is that I love him so much but the things he is doing, are just very childish and I cannot tolerate them. 

Last night we had an arguiment and he ended up upset at me and never talked to me again. I told hime that I want our relationship to be taken  to the next level, and he said to me "what do you mean by that", I responded by saying, "I want us to behave like adults", lol, after a few minutes he hang up the on me. I didn't wanna hurt him by so means of telling it like it is and the boring thing abou thim is that He doesn't want to be grow,he wants to stay a kid as he is, he doesn't accept change. He said to me theat I ave change and I am no longer the girl he once fall in love with. I just feel bad that I am the only one who wants to upgrade our relationship. I think he thinks that I am such a control freak and I wanna tell him how to live his life. I so love him and I also want our relationship not to be the same because we are growing old to be adults and I expect of him to be considerate wit me and help me built this ship to the next momentum.

That's it for today, but I still have more to say just that time is really not on my side and ....yah....that's it.smiley

2 years ago

A life of a student

Being a student is not an easy task, like learning how to fry eggs or how to boil them. It take a whole lot of time out of every time that I think I have.I just needto stay focused and determined because at the end I will rejoys with delight with what I am studying towards. I hope God will grand me strenght so I cannot give up in life.


2 years ago

All about Boitumelo

All about Boitumelo
I am 19myear old girl..or should I say lady because I hate being called a girl. I do not like writing too much about myself but all that I can see is that I love being love by the one whom I give all my heart to and I hate being hurt because if it take me to hurt back,  reallyenjoy seing the person suffer from what he has started. I am inlove with this other guy (Fanafuthi Makalela), who I so love and I'm inlove with hi, we haven't done anything yet that is so intimate but I love him with all my heart. The funny part about my life is that I have so many things totell but I do not know where to start or what to even say because mystories are so confusing, as a matter of fact I could say mylife is very confussing and a bit dull sometimes. There is the other guy in the picture who I would like him to be unkown for now, I also do like him but he has a wife and a kid,, not married but he is inlove with his baby mother which is a good thing. I also told myself that I will love him even if he has  wife but I was totally wrong because it truely shows me that I am just gonna remain as a sidechick and he will eventually go back to the baby mama even if he said he loves me.I think I am just his time pusher to have fun, I must admit that he does me very well and I still feel his intimicy even if he is not around for a while. Let me just say that I enjoy making love with him because I get to explore the things I haven't done with anyone before but I do them with me save the rest for later....